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In a world of constant change, portraits stop time. Whether you want to capture your children before they grow any bigger, showcase your family for a holiday card, or need a professional head shot, my approach is to portray you in an engaging, spontaneous and graceful way. I’ve taken portraits of people all over the world, ranging from a Sumatran medicine woman to an American author. I have also captured the faces of children on six continents, including at home on Manhattan's Upper West Side.

I offer digital photos that you can easily reproduce and share and I provide my clients with professionally edited images.

As I respect my clients’ privacy, I don’t post portraiture on my site without permission.

Please email or call +1-917-685 2560 for rates, sample work, references and to discuss who you want to capture in time.





Wildlife Conservation and Research

I’m passionate about biodiversity and wildlife. If you’re a researcher or conservationist looking for photography to help tell your story for a project based in New York or anywhere in the world, please email or call +1-917-685 2560 to discuss the possibility of pro bono work.